Chloraxid 2% Extra

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CHLORAXID 2% EXTRA is a breakthrough in the area of rinsing the root canals. It’s innovativeness is the result of containing the surfactants, which effectively increase the properties of the solution on three levels:

Decreased surface tension of the solution makes the CHLORAXID EXTRA perfectly penetrates and invade the dentinal tubules, removing the organic part of the smear layer.

Prolonged concentration of the active sodium hypochlorite in the preparation CHLORAXID EXTRA ensures keeping its outstanding properties during the whole shelf-life. The unique composition of the solution guarantees the accurate concentration of the active substances, even in increased temperature, what makes it perfect liquid to be used with ultrasound.

The synergy effect of all CHLORAXID EXTRA ingredients prolong the action of the preparation in the root canal, and as the result there is an immediate and complete breakdown of organic substances.


  • sodium hypochlorite (2% of active chlorine), water Ph. Eur., surfactants