Morita Mini Root ZX Apex Locator

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Morita Mini Root ZX Apex Locator.

There is nothing better than preserving the natural tooth as long as possible. In order to do this, modern dentistry has a whole range of technologies at its disposal – even when the root canal system of the tooth in question is very delicate and displays multiple curvatures. The apex locators manufactured by Morita enjoy an outstanding reputation worldwide. But there is more to come. Morita also offers a comprehensive range of ultra-precise systems designed to support dentists throughout their preparation of every type of root canal.

Hiding behind this perfectly formed design is a high-performance apex locator in the tradition of the worldwide leading endodontic product family from Morita. As with its multiple award-winning predecessor, the Root ZX mini also measures root canals reliably and with absolute precision. Root ZX mini is compact, lightweight and  designed to fit the hand. It can be placed on a tray, the patient’s apron, or any other convenient place.


We design and supply leading innovations in Endodontic Motors & Apex Locators including and specialising in Mini Root ZX Apex Locator. Here at Endoperfection, we’re here to help you perform predictable, efficient root canal treatments in your own way. Using evidence-based dentistry, we’re bringing genuine value into endodontics.