Morita Tri-Auto Mini Endo Motor

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Morita Tri-Auto Mini Endo Motor.

The TriAuto mini endodontic motor is, with its compact and well-engineered design, very small and very light. With this handpiece the dentist can work as subtly and sensitively as when using a manual file, while the device’s numerous automatic functions see to it that its files do not block or break.


- The head is only 9 mm in diameter making it easy to use and ideal for canal treatment. Its slim design allows for easy access to posterior teeth with the ability to view directly of the treatment field.

- The TriAuto mini offers automatic controls for speed, rotation direction and torque that significantly increase the accuracy and safety of root canal treatment.

  • Rotation Direction: Forward and Reverse
  • Torque Reverse: 9 Torque Reverse settings
  • Auto Controls: Auto Torque Reverse and Auto Torque Slow-down

- The user can easily read off scales, figures and letters from the clear and simple display screen. If the user is left-handed, the display can also be reversed for their convenience.

- Eleven speed settings are available from 50 rpm to 1,000 rpm. This is extremely convenient for different types of files and varying treatment needs.

- The combinations for speed, torque and other settings can be programmed. Simply select one of the six memory numbers to switch from one combination to another.

- When connected to the Root ZX mini with the transmission cable the Apex locator show the location of the file tip inside the root canal, for safer and more efficient canal preparation. The meter for canal length appears in TriAuto mini’s display.

We design and supply leading innovations in Endodontic Motors & Apex Locators including and specialising in Tri-Auto Mini Endo Motor. Here at Endoperfection, we’re here to help you perform predictable, efficient root canal treatments in your own way. Using evidence-based dentistry, we’re bringing genuine value into endodontics.