Morita Tri-Auto ZX2 Endo Motor with Apex Locator

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The stunning Morita Tri-Auto ZX2 endo motor. Compact and cordless for Shaping, Apical Patency and Glide Path preparation, with a built-in apex locator.


  • With the new OGP function, the practitioner can create the glide path with efficiency and reliability. 
  •  The OTR function enables the file to reverse its rotational direction upon reaching a certain torque. After rotating in reverse by 90 degrees, the file returns to the cutting direction.
  • The LCD display is ideal for both left- and right-handed practitioners. Depending on requirements, the user can turn the display on the handpiece until it is in the perfect position to be seen. 

The Tri Auto ZX2 motor can be linked with the canal measurement function of the in built apex locator. The file position is shown in the display, and the motor stops or reverses rotation as soon as the file reaches the end of the working length to prevent over preparation.


We design and supply leading innovations in Endodontic Motors & Apex Locators including and specialising in Tri-Auto ZX Endo Motor with Apex Locator. Here at Endoperfection, we’re here to help you perform predictable, efficient root canal treatments in your own way. Using evidence-based dentistry, we’re bringing genuine value into endodontics.