Dia-Proseal Root Canal Sealer

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Dia-Proseal Root Canal Sealer.

The ideal root sealer with low shrinkage reducing space between the sealer and canal wall.

- Low solubility makes it resistant to breaking down over time.

- 1:1 paste to paste manual mixing system.

- Fast and Easy Preparation and Less Waste.

- Excellent flow properties allow it to reach and seal lateral canals, making it especially suited to warm gutta-percha methods.

- Low risk of cytotoxicity with short setting time.

- Excellent biocompatibility to reduce sensitivity and periapical inflammation.

- High radiopacity

Simply lightly coated the Gutta Percha Points with a good film thickness.

We design and supply leading innovations in Endodontic Obturation including and specialising in Dia-Proseal Root Canal Sealer. Here at Endoperfection, we’re here to help you perform predictable, efficient root canal treatments in your own way. Using evidence-based dentistry, we’re bringing genuine value into endodontics.