About Us

Charlie qualified in 1996 from Birmingham and after spending several years in general practice he embarked on further training in the field of endodontics. He gained several certificates in endodontics in the USA, studying under the biggest names in the field including Stephen Buchanan and Cliff Ruddle. Over the following years Charlie built a large referral base in Worcestershire, Shropshire and Mid Wales and also established his training and supply company, d2d Endo. Charlie has been fortunate enough to consult for some of the largest global corporates including Dentsply, Brasseler, Prima Dental and W&H. This has enabled him to share his knowledge around the world and has taught over 10,000 dentists internationally.

Charlie is passionate about all dentists getting access to correct training and advice in carrying out both routine endodontics and further gaining skills to carry out more challenging cases. This year sees the launch of Endoperfection®️ , the first UK rotary file manufacturer. With their unique file systems they now have a market leader in file design. In conjunction with some strategic, exclusive partners such as Morita and Angelus, there is a company ethic which can finally enthuse dentists to deliver unsurpassed levels of treatment for their patients.